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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 29, 2022 1:00am-2:00am PST

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madeleine, congratulations, and you look beautiful. you look spectacular. mom and dad take good care of you, you can tell, right? >> do you want to go to american girl store? i want to go to american girl store too. we are so happy for madeleine and praying for she and her family. the wiseman of christmas, see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ >> todd: a fox news alert, the chaos playing out at the southern border for all the world to see. look at this stunning new video of suspected migrants to break into a texas rancher's home. the owner lives 50 miles from the border and said this is not the first time this has happened and he has spent $13,000 on security. you are watching "fox & friends first" on with thursday morning, i am todd todd piro. >> ashley strohmier and for carley shimkus. the supreme court has kept
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title 42 in place until spring. but the crisis is still far from over with migrants desperate to get into the country after spending every penny they have in risking their lives to be here. >> todd: fluke lucas tomlinson with brand-new video showing the absolute chaos at the border, l. >> good morning todd and ashley. let's get to the exclusive videotape by whom allusion shows a texas rancher 50 miles from the border with fox in a group f men whose owner say illegal immigrants to break into her house. the border officers unable to apprehend the suspects and tells fox tried to kick down the door as you see here break down the of wood but unsuccessful the owner said due to thousands of dollars to recent security upgrades. the attorney general showed this video obtained by the office. >> over the summer we had
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150,000 folks come in that were issued a piece of paper and said, go find somebody nice. that was pretty much it. so this isn't something that you guys asked for. i can assure you nobody asked for it either. >> photos posted on twitter by u.s. border and in less than 24 hours, the rio sector counter with four groups and 1400 migrants for men and women. this is the norm and not the exception. del rio sectors with every day and not include the smaller groups 1-9 people. the southern border has skyrocketed this past year to previous years. that is with title 42 in place. now, the costs are going up, el paso with $10 million this year with the influx of
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migrants. the democrats along the border outrage with the biden administration to do more. >> immigration reform, they have the power to do policy right now. homeland security, department is struggling with some of the more progressive white house staffers. in i hope homeland wins this particular fight. >> the washington report 29% of all border counts during the trump administration and used about 80% of the time. >> todd: fluke with mike lucas tomlinson in d.c., thank you. the attorneys general impacts and the president's coolest and what is playing out in border towns, watch. >> i've been at the border many times and i talked to ranchers, farmers all along the texas border. people are terrified because her property as being damage.
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their fences are being cut in the cattle are being let loose. people breaking into their houses and stealing their cars and trucks. they don't feel safe with their children. it is unfortunate this president doesn't seem to care and doesn't have the time to meet with any of these people that have suffered. >> it breaks my heart to see what joe biden has done, secretary mayorkas with the cartels, making record profits and undermining and destabilizing mexico. while paying the cost. once again, we have talked about this before but on the terror watch list, records amounts of people and less safe then the biden administration policies. it starts with a simple enforcing of the law as it is. >> todd: did you hear about this? illegal border crossings plummeting in a mile-long stretch of el paso after texas expanded its wired fence. the texas national guard is serving as a visual deterrent.
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"the 19th, 20th, 21st of december we have large groups of families and individuals who wanted to come across. now, it is almost a ghost town. governor abbott announced texas is adding shipping containers to the border with the razor wire fence already there. they are using the same strategy by the white house and the state reversed course. speak to the white house announcing it will require travelers from china to texas to get a covid test before entering the u.s. nearly half of the passengers on two separate flights from china tested positive for covid appear at the biden administration said the test requirement will begin january 5th. the policy comes less than three years after biden suggested donald trump's china travel restrictions -- many taxpayers wondering where that $7.1 million they forked out for
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the airlines during the lockdowns actually went. as of this morning, more than 3700 flights have been canceled nationwide with southwest accounting for more than 2300 of them cure the transportation secretary says, it is no longer an issue. >> we are past the point where they could say this is a weather trip an issue the rest of the mediation system is down to about 4% of flights being canceled has reported, north of 60% right now when it comes to southwest. what this indicates is a system failure. >> todd: pete buttigieg facing his own criticism has been learned he was actually warned about something like this happening months ago. former democratic ohio state senator turner taking to twitter, "this is what placing unqualified people in positions of power to do the bidding of corporations will get you. there is a direct line from secretary buttigieg to the airlines debacle and we
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shouldn't pretend there isn't. the southwest pilot association backing up the claim saying these issues have been ignored at the highest level. watch. >> southwest wasn't prepared and unfortunately this is a decade in the making. we have a sound of the alarm bells, we have tried to get them to change processes, but it's a combination of outdated technology and infrastructure. >> todd: pressure is continuing to amount on the biden administration to get ramp reimbursed for the airlines meltdown. that is the least they can do at this point my ashley. that quote struck me because that was not from tucker's monologue but the most progressive far left members that speaks out on such issues and politics. it was only a state senator but very vocal. for her to say that and point out the absolute unqualified status pete buttigieg to handle a situation like this is very telling. >> ashley: right, of course it
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will be on the transportation secretary to contact the corporations but i also read the investment was a huge problem and clearly not a weather issue anymore. but you have employees saying not being able to communicate, southwest airlines workers think they could not. they had the the planes ready to go. but they didn't have the staff, the pilots but once again we have been talking about this all year long from 2021 and 22022 here. i think it was also a staffing issue. it could have been a pilot issue. we have been talking about this and nobody is fixing this but it came to a boiling point and it is a huge issue and a huge problem. i just wonder how they will fix it because as we said in the intro, they got $7 billion bailout spirit i understand they have to keep paying their employees. keep paying their health
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insurance, but you have to allocate that money a little bit different in preparation of t this. if you're's phone systems are where employees can get a hold of you, something has to be changed. if it needs to be enforced by the federal government but this has to change because this is unacceptable. all those people waiting in line who missed christmas with their families pay for this with their taxpayer dollars. >> todd: take a look at your own phone and you know instinctively when it's time to get a new one. the systems in south was not a few years old but decades-old and they know that this is a problem that they continuously ignored it despite to your point, you see that $7 billion in bailout money and we do need answers, where did that money go? that money was designed to keep employees of southwest and other money received in their employee despite we are going through a pandemic. a lot of people ended up leaving, getting fired over faxing mandates and the like. so where did the money go?
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did it stop -- did it go to places with seo payments and things along that line? to the extent that money is wasted, that is a huge issue especially when you look at the screen. not only people missing christmas and that is bad enough you have full families with children, infants at an airport for five days. that cannot happen! that is un-american! this is what happens to an extent, ashley, you hire someone to do a job based on politics alone. pete buttigieg and on both sides of the aisle should not have and republicans have said, somebody like i don't know the guy in charge of fedex who understands logistics and many other companies with logistics would have been a perfect choice for transportation secretary. a job literally to come to the floor. the mayor of south bend accused of not being able to fix the pot holes in his very, very tiny town, which is mostly the university of notre dame, should
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not have become the transportation secretary. >> ashley: right. americans and crewmembers sleep on air force one, presi president biden enjoying a million dollar home in the year like virgin islands. to several rental, it could cost up to $5,000 a night. >> todd: my guess is that it is more than that. this is a beautiful home. it seems like americans are fed up with the spirit in new polling shows 65% of people know that the u.s. is heading in the wrong direction. they are ready for real change in 2024. as we know what americans are looking for in the next president. 50% say the president 51% to 65 years of age and 65% someone with experience as a governor or senator. more than half hoping someone will compromise to get things done and 55% want someone with business background. 46% of voters looking for a candidate who has served in the military.
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>> ashley: and speculating president biden can use this time in the virgin islands to overhaul the territories infrastructure, even as the u.s. struggles with nationwide energy shortages. >> todd: former keystone xl pipeline worker, great to have you. speculation like ashley said to push solar and solar in the caribbean but in the meantime people are dead upstate new york. we mentioned that multiple times this week thanks to a complete failure of government out there. we have been talking about the southwest debacle but your reaction to joe biden's priorities. >> my reaction to his priorities is the same as him taking office. it seems to the rest of the world, they forget about their obligations and come to the u.s. taxpayer is looking for a bailout. that is probably what we got going on. they had hurricane damage in the taxpayers have spent upwards of
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$2 billion for building infrastructure. and just a few years ago that they switched over to propane system. the virgin islands used to burn any oil for the producer of electricity. but what happened is they stop making their bond payments on the system, and they are looking for basically a handout. they see what the administration wants to do with wind and solar. basically they want the electrical grid for free. >> ashley: neil and want to talk about the wall street journal op-ed on the electric grid. emergency. the grid is supposed to be resilience but the governments for green energy transition with systemic vulnerabilities that politicians don't want to acknowledge. utility and grid operators were not prepare for the surge of natural gas and electricity to heat homes, which occurred as gas supply shortages. i seek temperatures forced power
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plants off-line. is this an indication how the rest of the winter is going to look? winter just started and we've already seen a catastrophe. >> i don't believe it is just an indication how the winter will look but the future is going to be like if we keep pushing a mandate and the green energy policies. we've got energy companies to spend money to make the upgrades. they are being told if you don't do wind or solar, you will not do anything. that is a dangerous situation to be in. 70% of it still runs on oil and gas peer at the infrastructure will put us in a dangerous place in the future. >> todd: as someone who knows the energy industry knows how the grid system itself works, how close are we to a catastrophe whereby the grid may be off-line for weeks, months at a time during a time, let's say during the heat of the summer or the cool of the winter where
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quite frankly americans are not used to dealing with a problem like that? >> i think we have seen just here in the recent past how actually close we are. what happen in texas a few years ago in the winter. we see what happens in california almost every summer. that is because we have these private companies but too much government influence about what they can and can't do. >> ashley: do you think the administration is really pushing this green energy too hard and too fast in america cannot keep up, especially with the grid system? >> will, i believe you are about that. they let the public make up their own minds. if you put solar panels on your house, go ahead and if you want to buy electric car, go ahead. but to mandate it and force it, i believe is a dangerous situation. we are just not ready for it right now. >> todd: aside from entirely
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leading to utilities do what they need to do, we move all government to interference. can we do anything to prevent a real emergency like this? or do you fear it is inevitable to continue to go down this path? >> you know i think we dodged a real with this hurricane season as we have seen how low the energy inventory was. it wouldn't take but a small hurricane from the gulf of mexico to reduce reduction. as bad as i hate to say it, we are looking at something like that happening in the near future. >> todd: that is petrifying because let's face it, we are not tough right now as american people by and large. we are used to creature comforts and to lose energy for a long time. it will cause major problems. neal crabtree we appreciate your honesty this morning. the january 6 house committee with former president donald trump to testify, "in light of the
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investigation select committee can no longer pursue specific information covered by the subpoena." taking to social, they did something because they know i did nothing wrong or about to lose a court committee and set to dissolve january 3rd. >> ashley: new york district attorney investing congressman elect george santos after he had committed to telling major lies on the campaign trail. the county d.a. says the rumors fabrications and inconsistencies with congressman elect santos nothing less than stunning. no one is above the law and crime was committed in this county. we will prosecute it. in the meantime federal prosecutors looking into santos public filings as emerge over where he made his money. santos is being accused of lying about his work, background, education and family history. and tulsi gabbard did not let santos off easy this week, watch
1:18 am
this. >> congressman elect, integrity means caring yourself with honor, but it means telling the truth, being a person of integrity. if i were one of those in new york's third district right now and election is over and i'm finding out all these lies that you have told, not just one little life or one little embellishment, these are blatant lies. my question is, do you have no shame? do you have no shame and the people are asking to trust you to be your voice for them and their kids in washington? >> hulsey come i can say the same thing about the democrats on the party. look at joe biden. joe biden has been lying to the people for 40 years. he's president of the united states and democrats, do they have no shame? >> this is not a mistake. this is not about the democratic party. frankly, what the people who have entrusted you to go and fight for them.
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>> ashley: new york republican congressman mike waller asking for an investigation and santos owes the people of the complete total truth. he needs to minimize his actions but it only makes things worse. he should cooperate if he is to regain the trust of his constituents and colleagues. >> todd: pope francis for pope benedict xvi and 95-year-old is very sick. the vatican saying in the last few hours, there has been deterioration due to the advancement of benedict's age. the moment remains under control and continually monitored by his doctors. he served as the head of the roman catholic church 2005-2013 and the first pope nearly 600 years to step down. they attributed that to section two to his age at the time. we have our prayers and we will keep you updated on his condition. 19 minutes after the hour in ohio police officer finds himself in the path of
1:20 am
out-of-control truck, watch this. >> hang tight! [bleep] my car just got smashed! we need a unit! >> todd: well met, we will tell you what happened. >> ashley: plus, warning ukraine with both sides with devastating clothes. could we see and then to the conflict in 2023? dan hoffman breaks down where the war stands right now next. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: military bases in six states that house at the kenny's suffering $260 million in reparable damages. in the department of defense report, tables, chairs, costs broken by guests and cots run by spray paint. human biological matter and holes, materials completely depleted such that no materials remain available for other real world missions. after the white house botched withdrawal which saw afghanistan fall under taliban control, more than 120,000 refugees were brought to the u.s. eight bases across six states are asking for a quarter of a million dollars in repairs. >> todd: it has been 300 days
1:26 am
since launch of a full-scale ukraine invasion at the nation's capital rocked with missile strikes overnight. dan hoffman a former cia enjoins me know. great to have you as always. the russians going hard after infrastructure as well as civilian targets. what is the current state of play as the current year ends? >> when the two sides the war ends when exhausted from fighting or one side defeats the other one. we are not seen either one of those scenarios. while rush is losing on the battlefield, they are continuing these devastating missile strikes and infrastructure because that is their motive with the general who's been in charge of the russian war for the past few months practice that scorch of policy and strategy in spirit to great effect. russia did the same thing and chechnya. and keeps up the fight with the battle between russia and
1:27 am
ukrainian troops. on the front lines. if it's also a battle between russia's industrial base augmented by north korea and ir, korea and the united states. >> todd: what should we pay attention to in the new year? >> well i think critical for the united states intelligence community and i can tell you i spent years at the cia to see the world through twisted gave bgi a vladimir putin pier at the war has gone on 308 days now. that is about 305 more days of the russians led to believe vladimir putin said it would be special military operation with topol zelenskyy government in a matter of days. there will be stress and strain on russia's military peer that is a key intelligence production requirement for the united states, strain on the kremlin with the russian military and putin inner circle and the intelligence community. fsp director patrick and
1:28 am
national security and this will be something to watch in the coming months throughout 2023. >> todd: as for where we are and i'm talking negotiations, here is what both sides are saying. listen. >> we are prepared to negotiate acceptable outcomes with the participants of this progress. it is not that we refused talks, it is them here and speak with the usual deflection and trickery that they are so good at, unfortunately. we must not fall into that trap. >> todd: dan, that doesn't sound positive to me. do you think there will be peace talks in the new year or not nothing? >> i don't see that. president zelenskyy put forth a ten-point plan and a couple of key points there were tribunal because of the war crimes russia has committed against ukraine. they just bombed another maternity ward yesterday. as well as russian, full russian
1:29 am
withdrawal from ukrainian territory with crimea and don bass. and according to the foreign minister, give up. but no, i don't think we are near a peace settlement unfortunately. and those who paid the price mostly in addition to the russian soldiers, obviously, ukrainian citizens, millions displaced communions of refugees. but the question is vladimir putin has pulled a lot of rush of blood and treasure and will be held to account by his own military intelligence. his intelligence team and ultimately his own population who must be growing weary with this losing fight. >> todd: an earlier answer, didn't you mention the u.s. what should we be doing in 2023 considering the fact we have spent over $110 billion in overall aid to help cream so far? >> i would argue that we are getting a pretty good return on
1:30 am
our investment. that money is cutting russia's army down to size, which is a good thing for us. if ukraine is an effective counterweight to russia, that is our best opportunity to bid for it to deal with china. ukraine is also driving a wedge between russia and china and emphasizing china has got to be having buyer's remorse over there and support for russia with a failed invasion to ukraine. a demonstration nuclear armed state cannot impose its will on a weaker neighbor, which is important and has serious ramification for china's to reunify not so peacefully through military needs from taiwan. >> todd: dan, thank you so much, happy new year. crime in several major cities rising in 2022 enzyme leaders would rather help out the criminals than the victims. experience first hand as he left his job as a chicago 911 dispatcher from lori lightfoot's failure in leadership. he will share his thoughts next. >> ashley: sick and tired of a
1:31 am
church acting as a fentanyl hot spot so he decided to raise money and buy the property himself. he will join us live to tell us how the rest of the city needs to clean up. ♪ ♪
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>> todd: we are back with a fox weather alert, 37 people dead in buffalo after a massive blizzard rocks western new york. that number could rise as national guard troops go door to door checking for victims. video shows neighborhoods completely covered in snow. still, the presidents say the handling of the storm and recovering efforts. the travel ban set to be replaced by travel advisory later today but buffaloes may were criticized for how long it has taken the city to reopen as other nearby towns in smaller cities open earlier this week. at the same time, buffalo businesses taking to boarding up their doors as the threat from looters continues. four suspects ransacking dollar
1:37 am
stores over the weekend. dashcam footage showing the moment an ohio police officer barely avoids an out-of-control drug that nearly mowed him down with seconds to spare. >> hang tight! >> [bleep] my car just got smashed! we need a unit. todd: that crash happening on christmas morning when the officer was assisting a stranded motorist involved in a separate highway accident. miraculously, no one was seriously injured, ashley. >> ashley: two new york police officer stabbed in the line of duty responding to the scene of a fight the long island town of medford. the police a one of the people involved in the fight pulled out a knife and attacked both officers before they discharge the weapon killing the suspect. both officers rushed to the hospital, one in a helicopter and the other an ambulance. their conditions have not yet
1:38 am
been released. crime is on the rise in the country thanks to soft-on-crime policies and victims families feel helpless. >> you know, los angeles is an enormous county. you know, everybody is being impacted by this and it is hard to wrap your head around the fact one person can be responsible for so much disaster. >> i think the crime issue in this country is so much bigger than buckhead and so much bigger than atlanta. it is happening everywhere. what we want to explain to people or help people understand is none of us right now -- >> i would venture to say we are not safe within the adults in the major city. and certainly not in new orleans. you know, the police department is horribly understaffed. >> ashley: a former 911 dispatcher joins us now live to react. pete, it is good to talk to you. i feel like we haven't heard much from defund the police
1:39 am
movement, at least in the past year or so. but it brings me to the point the police departments are understaffed. people have come on here, family members of those who have had loved ones killed in the major cities. they say the police departments understaffed is not their only issue. a leadership issue with the state level, local level, and a national level. what do you think? >> you are absolutely right, ashley, good morning to you. it is officers leaving the departments and going through the rest of the country but the lot better of the system but not so liberal with progressive state so they are working on going to another state. but you have officers and let's be real 23 chicago police officer since 2018 have committed suicide and this number is staggering and going up. we had several suicides with chicago police officers the last few weeks. and a total of seven this year alone but let me just tell you,
1:40 am
ashley we are in trying times. and as i heard in the interviews you just had, some say dying times with the violence taking place. i work in los angeles as a police officer, and what is going on there is what's going on here in chicago and throughout the nation. these are times we have to call on leadership. we have to get and do what is right for the people. it is simple, they need to get in and say this is unacceptable, b.s., tell them like it is. this is my city, this is my state, whatever that may be, get in there and do what you have to do. we don't have that right now, ashley. >> ashley: in reference to the police suicide they are now calling this time of year suicide season for the police. that is no joke. that is coming directly from the police officers. but a study shows the young men in chicago and philly more likely to be shot and killed than afghanistan and iraq wars. those are two major cities.
1:41 am
how can we change those numbers coming into 2023? >> first of all, we need great people who will go into office and stop the nonsense. we have three major elements of criminal justice. we all know this, law enforcement, judicial system and correction system. two of those big elements of the criminal system are broken. big cities l.a., chicago, new york are broken. the judicial systems are coming up with nonsensical laws people in and out of court. the moment they are arrested for big things, they are right out back again. and the safety act in illinois, the correction system, they are not correcting a darn thing. so this takes a beating on the officers but more importantly it takes a beating on the good men and women who live in the major cities and they become victimized and it's like they don't care. so the progressively funded politicians and the progressively funded prosecutors throughout the country, that is what needs to change.
1:42 am
they have to get out of office when he told them accountable to what their job should be and that is taking care of the people. >> ashley: is anyone in our country safe if we can't keep our citizens of the major cities safe? >> no, no one is safe at this time in the big cities because we have a bunch of individuals running our cities and our departments, and they just don't care. they are lori lightfoot doesn't care a pair that is why i stepped down from being a dispatcher here. i absolutely love that position but i do something else has a supervisor. she absolutely does not care. i cannot hear more screaming voices in my ears and telling individuals police were coming when i knew they were not coming. i don't stand by that and we need someone different in the city and other cities, ashley. >> ashley: keith, do you think the media played a big role in this when they first defund the police movement and you heard all this progressive rhetoric? >> absolutely. you know, you have these people out there, some defund the police and black lives matter and all of that is nonsense to
1:43 am
me, nonsense rhetoric. the media has done a good job in some ways putting it out there because it's good to know that. that is what they are here to to but nonsense spewing away with those different things as if the police are out here killing them. do we have troubled officers out there? darn right we do and we go after those people and get them out of the departments. we do what we have to do to criminally prosecute them. absolutely we do but the 99% of the officers in the united states are great hardworking men and women who bust their behind spear just like me and you, actually they come to a job that is think they'll make thankless but we need them. the impoverished area of chicago or l.a. and those people, black, white, hispanic, asian, they will tell you they support their officers. but they need an effective leader in office to stop this rhetoric and also with the media as well. >> ashley: they really need to get on board with safety for america and backing the blue.
1:44 am
allman leadership major cities whether republican or democrat. keith thornton jr., thank you for getting up with us. always good to talk to you. >> i will see you in 2023, happy new year. >> ashley: happy new year. two conservative college students are sickened of being silence and fighting to change the culture of wokeness taking over america's college campuses. they are here to tell us how. >> todd: did you hear what one reporter had to say about that guy, elon musk? >> his reputation when it comes to twitter is impacting his reputation across all of this companies. >> todd: well elon musk didn't take too kindly to that. his fiery response taking a direct shot at the media next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> ashley: elon musk slamming a reporter after releasing twitter fire files his running his reputation. >> so i think the story over the weekend for "the washington post" is correct in saying that his reputation is in question. all of the micro conditions not only in the u.s. but abroad are
1:50 am
against his favor. his reputation when it comes to twitter is impacting his reputation across all of his companies. >> ashley: elon musk said the legacy media should worry about its reputation. we have only just begun. the twitter files with government collusion to censor conservatives on the platform. >> todd: in the meantime, students stand out against wokeness on college campuses. our higher education system suppresses conservative voices. the university of alabama and a student at penn state university, both our campus reform correspondence and both joining me now. great to have you here. to recap what were your worst examples of political intolerance on campus in 2022? >> good morning. earlier this year, we saw a sell protesters the university of mexico pulled the fire and tried to enter the venue forcefully. a student at the organization speaking event with equipment
1:51 am
attempt to destroy and fellow campus was experiencing at the university of wisconsin madison. while covering a matt walsh event. this has a slew of events and what we have seen many years on the campuses where conservatives face physical intimidation from the left who don't know how to reason your viewpoint. >> ashley: [boos] >> todd: what were the bloke examples you saw? >> i can personally attest i'm part of a club at my campus at in-state. this last semester, we help remember the aborted children in the united states. and the students desecrated the memorial of the graves of these children appear they would celebrate and have their own counter protest. they would send the flags that represent the aborted children and a reflection and people don't realize our generation that not everybody agrees with them on every social economic issue. >> todd: that is sick what you
1:52 am
describe. what can we do to turn it around in 2023? what can conservatives do to make sure their voices are heard and not suppressed? >> what is really sad we have to deal with this in the first place. i feel like the administration at the universities just have a backbone, we would not deal with this. as a student, 20, 21 years old, the first thing i would say is start these casual, candid conversations with your peers that might not agree with you and let them realize conservatives are not big, scary people that the media makes us out to be sometimes. may be for example, if a friend complains about gas prices. oh, may be because you voted is something related and open up people's minds to the fact that conservatives have great ideas and should get those into the stratosphere. >> todd: wyatt, colleges have always been far left and even when i went to college a thousand years ago, is there hope we can make college saying again?
1:53 am
where is the wokeness to baked in at this point? >> you know, the statistics look good. a gallup poll from 2020 found the majority of conservative students don't feel they can speak freely on campus. there is hope. if you look at florida, ron desantis was top woke active in sends a message to the nation but what can be done to reign in college leftist administrators and gives conservative students their voice back. state government officials at the legislature and the governor have an obligation and responsibility to move the ball forward on his policies that open up the ideological window and give conservatives their voice is back. so in addition to students and acting on the campuses and having these conversations as kale was saying it is important to take steps. we not just see this in florida but mississippi and south dakota with other states soon to follow. conservative students have open anyone who wants to see a university in place for a
1:54 am
marketplace of ideas, we can keep going for that goal very, very soon. >> todd: follow the money, college attendance has plummeted in recent years and motivation to not have tuition dollars for universities and administrators to undo the woke and get back in the door? 20 seconds to you. >> i would hope so, but like i said, a student, we increased our tuition by 6%. so it looks the way the universities make up for the profit losses increasing tuition. so hopefully, we can have conversations to fix that. >> todd: i'm not shocked this is happening penn state, happy valley, i'm shocked this is happening in good old southern alabama. but it shows it is happening in all 50 states. thank you for being voices of reasoning and happy new year. don't forget to enjoy college while you are there. it will be a fun time. appreciate it. exclusive video shows the biden administration releasing more than 150,000 order crossers into
1:55 am
the u.s. without schedule court dates. >> ashley: ashley moody brought the video to light and she will join us to talk about it. frederick and ohio congressman brad lindstrom here live 5:00 hour of "fox & friends first." ♪ ♪ le
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>> president biden claiming he will deliver for americans in the new year. voters are sick of his policy and want a fresh face in 2024. i'm todd piro. >> ashley: i'm ashley strohmier, new data found majority of americans think the country is on the wrong track, top concerns are the economy and inflation. >> todd: 41% of voters disapprove


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